About SolarCloud


  • 2014
    A simple idea, six and a half years and an army of accountants and lawyers in making!
  • It all began when John Kennedy (CEO) wanted to buy solar panels for his home, in Sydney, Asutralia. Only to discover that most of his roof was facing the wrong direction, and the big tree shading the rest, was not heling matters!
  • Determined to be green, John explored the idea of hosting his panels on the roof of a barn across the street, owned by long-time friend and neighbor and somehow transferring the energy to his meter.
  • At the same time, John had been exploring the “sharing economy” as a means to reduce waste through increased asset utilization. It didn’t take long to join the dots, and the idea of virtual solar was born.
  • Ideas are easy. Now for the hard part – the how!
  • Who knew it would take so much time and paperwork to turn the simple notion of virtual solar into a regulated investment product. But it had to be done right. So consumers, businesses and institutions could confidently invest in SolarCloud with the peace-of-mind that their money is properly managed and protected by independent regulators.
  • SolarCloud operates a registered Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) managed investment scheme (ARSN: 612098110).
  • The way SolarCloud is setup, we are authorized to buy and manage solar panels on behalf of investors. But we don’t handle your returns directly. This is done by: The Huntley Group, an Australian Financial Services License holder, who we have appointed as the trustee and the manager of the invested funds and ASIC registered scheme.The Huntley Group is responsible for all financial management including calculations and distribution of investors disbursements.
  • So now you know you can safely invest in SolarCloud virtual panels for a financial return, while avoiding all the hassle, responsibility and costs of maintaining the equipment.

The SolarCloud Solution is approved by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

SolarCloud is privately owned Australian company. ABN 45 164 838 288

Patent #: 2015101110 awarded by the Australian Patent Office (IP Australia)