SolarCloud Explained

Find out how we're making solar power available to anyone with internet access

SolarCloud overcomes the reasons why people don't have solar panels on their roof, including:

  • High Upfront costs.
  • Lack of trust in installation companies.
  • It's a complex product that is time consuming and difficult to understand.
  • Not having a roof - live in an apartment, rent or share acommodation.
  • Not having the right kind of roof - the wrong shape, made of the wrong material or face the wrong direction.
  • Aesthetics and not liking the look of solar panels.
  • Wrong place, wrong time - most people are at work when the sun is shining and solar is generated by rooftop panels.
  • When the sun is in the sky we are all at work
  • Feed-in tariffs do not make financial sense - selling your power for 6c during the day only to buy it back at night for 30c.
  • Many The average home owner moves every 7.2 years but traditional solar systems are sold to last 25 yearspeople don't like the look of solar panels

At SolarCloud we believe everyone, everywhere should be able to buy and access solar.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, if you are renting or own your home, live in an apartment building or even live overseas, solar power is available to you, in the palm of your hand, with SolarCloud.


The premise of SolarCloud is that we buy solar panels to reduce our energy bill


Traditionally people buy solar panels and install them on their roof to reduce their energy bill.

solar panel

Buy Solar Panels

arrow arrow house

Install panels on your roof

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Save on energy bills

With SolarCloud you still buy the panels to reduce your energy bill only we install them on commercial rooftops.

solar panel

Buy Solar Panels

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SolarCloud installs your panels in the most efficient location (Commercial Rooftops)


Save on energy bills

By doing it this way, you still own the panels but the maintenance, monitoring and insurance are all taken care of by SolarCloud.

You can monitor the performance of your panels and the returns you are generating via the SolarCloud website.

And the best part about it is you make 80%-90% and save on your energy bill without having to install a single panel on your roof.

arrow No bank involvement arrow Commercial business buy the power produced by your panels arrow Panel owners monitor performance & savings via SolarCloud App arrow Panel Owner / Investor own the panels
9-12% annual rate of return (7.32% IRR)
Panel Owners make 80-90%line Save on energy bills

How do we compare to Traditional Solar?


Features Solarcloud Traditional Solar Traditional solar
Reduce your energy costs
No installation fees
No hidden or ongoing costs
Low cost entry point $499*
12-month money back guarantee**
24/7 performance monitoring via smart device
Fully maintained (including replacement inverters) and insured
Available to everyone
Environmentally Friendly

* Cost per panel may change due to the sizes of panels available

** A full refund less any disbursements made during the first 12 months will be made if you decide to cancel your investment

Financial Costs

Detail Energy Company 1 Energy Company 2 SolarCloud
System Size 10.24kw 9.99kW 9.9kW
kw per panel 320w 270w 330w
Number of Panels 32 37 30
Panels LG LG Trina
Warranty on Panels 25yrs 25yrs 25yrs
Battery Tesla Power wall Tesla Power wall Virtual Battery
Warranty on Battery 10yrs 10yrs 25 yrs
Inverter SolarEdge Enphase Fronius
Warranty on Inverter 12yrs 10yrs 25yrs
Spend $30,000.00 $29,000.00 $17,970.00
% Reduction on Every bill     75%*

* These calculations are based on the average household energy bill (Canstar Blue Electricity Customer Satisfaction Survey January 2018)


What is the SolarCloud Difference?


What is the SolarCloud Difference?

The question we get asked most often by people is why would I choose SolarCloud over other solar companies out there in the market?
This is what we tell them.

All other solar offsets energy during the day

This means that you aren't getting bang for your buck because most people aren't at home during the day, so these companies are basically offsetting your energy when it is used the least or not being used at all.

SolarCloud is Global

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, or even if you move locally, interstate or overseas - SolarCloud goes with you while your panels continue to generate savings for you in the beautiful sunshine of Australia.

SolarCloud offsets your ENTIRE energy bill

Why would you invest in solar that only offsets your peak off peak shoulder when you could be saving on your entire household energy bill? We place your panels in the most efficient location (where the energy is being used at the time it is produced i.e. commercial rooftops) therefore providing you with greater savings and a better return on your investment.

You can start small and save big

Before SolarCloud solar energy was only available to homes with roofs large enough to accommodate the many panels required to make the system work. With SolarCloud prices start from as little as $499 AUD and you can buy as many panels as you like.

SolarCloud is "solar in the cloud"

No more ugly panels on your roof, no more dealing with cowboy installers, even renters and apartment owners can now have solar. You can monitor the performance and savings generated by your panels from the SolarCloud website on your PC or smart phone. It's as simple as that. No need to worry about maintenance, insurance or replacing system components - We take care of it all for you.

Save Now with SolarCloud

With SolarCloud you start saving minutes after your panels are installed. Because your panels are remotely installed, you also save time: there's no need to take time off to wait for tradesmen and laborious physical installation. SolarCloud's patented technology is the key to a system that is easy and hassle-free.


The Solar Journey

Investing with SolarCloud is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.
Compare the Solar Journey with SolarCloud versus Traditional Solar



1 Visit website
2 Calculate Your Investment
3 Purchase
4 Start Saving Immediately

Traditional solar

1 Research Inverters
2 Research Panels
3 Find Installers
4 Book Appointment
5 Installers Inspect your roof
6 Quotes are prepared and sent to you
7 Check credentials of the installers
8 Check yield, warranties
9 Choose Installer
10 Set Install Date
11 Install Equipment
12 Pay
13 Compare performance with time of year and yield to the reduction seen on your energy bill (repeat every 3 months)
14 Replace inverter(s) at 10 Years and 20 Years
15 Clean panels twice per year

SolarCloud is an Australian CleanTech company that has reimagined how solar power is shared by people and businesses around the world.


SolarCloud is making solar power easy and accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

SolarCloud operates an Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) registered scheme (ARSN: 612098110) allowing you to invest in solar panels for a financial return. SolarCloud is a member of the Australian Solar Council and all our installers are Clean Energy Council members. All investments must be made on the form of application form included in the Product Disclosure Statement, a copy of which is available here.

All prices shown are in AUD (Australian dollars) unless stated otherwise.