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Why SolarCloud

SolarCloud is an Australian CleanTech company ensuring that businesses are getting the most out of cutting-edge technologies including solar power and LED lighting. We only use best-of-breed equipment to ensure you are saving as much as possible while helping the environment and pleasing your stakeholders.

By partnering with SolarCloud, you can finally get solar working for your business:

Generate Clean Power

Become part of the solution by generating clean energy at scale using just your roof.

No CapEx Requirement

Expect no upfront costs for the world-leading technology we’ll be installing on your roof.

No Ongoing Costs

Forget about insurance, maintenance and monitoring; we take care of all ongoing costs.

Significant Savings

Send savings straight to your bottom line by receiving payments or having us credit your energy account.

Quality Equipment

Take pride in knowing we only use Grade A (tier 1) solar panels and world-leading inverter technology.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Demonstrate your commitment to people and planet by using renewable energy.

We won’t just give you solar power at a fixed low rate for years to come, we’ll see how you can achieve further savings through the use of LED lighting and other energy-saving measures.

SolarCloud is your partner in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Speak to a human today, all calls answered in Australia

+61 2 8579 2000

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A Little About SolarCloud

SolarCloud looks at each business (premises) holistically. How can we save energy, reduce wasteful consumption and finally reduce the cost you pay for that energy whilst making every effort to use environmentally friendly technology and processes but first and foremost making it bottom line friendly.

LED Lighting

Government incentives available, LED's can offer between 50 and 95% savings on your lighting portion of your energy bill, when used smartly with sensors and PE cells.

Voltage Optimization

Is an electrical energy saving technique which is mainly installed in series with the mains electricity supply to provide a reduced supply voltage for the site's equipment.

Power Factor Correction

PFC aims to improve power factor and hence power quality, utilising capacitors to offset usually inductive loads, for example motors. PFC systems increase the efficiency of power supply, delivering immediate cost savings on electricity.

Solar Government Incentives

Solar is a very real and viable option for most businesses today. SolarCloud can provide traditional solar via outright purchase, lease or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). PPA which essentially means you get the solar system on your roof but only buy the electricity produced rather than buying the system outright for $200k. It's Solar without all the hassle and you own the system at the end of the agreed term.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Older A/C can have very high running costs and there are government incentives available to upgrade to a lower running cost system.

Energy Broking

Can we get you a better energy price from the market.

Speak to a human today, all calls answered in Australia

+61 2 8579 2000

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SolarCloud is an Australian CleanTech company that has reimagined the way in which solar power is marketed to people and businesses around the world. Solar is now available to everybody.

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