SolarCloud is an Australian company that started as a simple idea five years ago when the now CEO John Kennedy was thinking about solar for his house and discussing it with a mate.

He calculated that an economical system wouldn't fit on his roof and given he planned on moving within the next five years, it wouldn't pay for itself in time.

He thought about putting it somewhere else, probably on his mate's house (well actually his huge shed out the back) across the road - surely it would be easy to just send the power across the road to his house.

John discussed the idea with a good friend and now SolarCloud Co-founder Adrian Bunter, who had been recently looking at the "sharing economy" space, to improve asset use to generate better returns and reduce wastage.

After working on it for quite some time, fast forward to where SolarCloud is today - a system that makes sure solar panels are installed at the best location to match the production of electricity during the day, with the usage of business. Due to the better usage of power and the reduced wastage, businesses can save money on their power, and the panel owners get a better return from the panels. It really is a win, win, and it's the smart way to go solar. 

SolarCloud allows you to invest in solar power without even touching your roof.

While SolarCloud may sound simple, the back-end IT system is complex and to do this correctly there are lots of regulations to comply with to make sure people's money and investment is safe.

SolarCloud is registered by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) SolarCloud scheme ARSN: 612098110, to buy and manage solar panels on behalf of investors.

The Huntley Group huntleygroup.com.au (a BRI Ferriers company briferrier.com.au) is the trustee and the manager of the invested funds and scheme. They are responsible for all financial management including calculations and distribution of investors disbursements.

Being and ASIC registered scheme means it's legal, regulated so consumers and businesses are protected.

Patent No 2015101110 

SolarCloud is approved by the Australian Energy Regulator.

SolarCloud operates an Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) registered scheme (ARSN: 612098110) allowing you to invest in solar panels for a financial return. SolarCloud is a member of the Australian Solar Council and all our installers are Clean Energy Council members. All investments must be made on the form of application form included in the Product Disclosure Statement, a copy of which is available here.

All prices shown are in AUD (Australian dollars) unless stated otherwise.