NO credit card needed,

 NO commitment to buy,

Just register your interest today,

and get $50 SolarCloud credit

Get all the benefits of Solar without the panels on your roof. 

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How we can save you thousands of dollars!

  • You buy solar panels online at the great prices we’ve negotiated, we install them in one of the sunniest places in the world (Australia), and you get paid!
  • Anyone, anywhere in the world can register - home owners, tenants or landlords
  • No need to even change energy providers
  • You can buy, monitor and control panels right from your smartphone or PC
  • Start from as little as only AU$499 and get credit to your next bill immediately
  • Enjoy a 12 month 100% money back guarantee! 

Traditional Solar


100% green , environmentally friendly

Helps reduce your energy costs for the long term

Low cost entry point AU$499

No installation (you don't even need a roof)

100% offset of your energy bill and no need to change provider

Easy to use: all online, buy and monitor 24/7

Complete portability. You don’t stop saving even when you move whether it’s across town, interstate or overseas 

Anyone can benefit: apartment dwellers, renters, businesses, local councils, even governments.

Hassle-free maintenance plan including new inverters to last the course

Insurance and cleaning included

We can help ANYONE save money using solar - great for you, great for the planet.

With SolarCloud, even if you’ve never benefited from solar before, now you can! 

It doesn’t matter if you:

  • Don’t own your property
  • Plan to move houses soon
  • Don’t have a roof 
  • Can’t deal with the hassle and cost of setting up solar panels
  • Aren’t home during the day to use the energy generated by solar
  • Think solar panels are ugly

With SolarCloud, you don’t need to worry about any of this!

  • We setup, install and maintain the panels on one of the sunniest places on Earth
  • You get the big cash benefits, no matter where you are
  • Start from only AU$499
  • Help the environment as a bonus

“Register to save thousands of dollars from your energy bill” 

How we do it

  • We install the solar panels on the roof of commercial businesses - micro solar farms!
  • It’s like buying an investment property, except you are investing in solar panels instead - like a real estate agent would manage your property, we manage your solar panels and keep you updated daily! 
  • When the returns from your panels come in, we pay them into your existing electricity bill.
  • You control everything about your solar panels from your smartphone or PC

And to all those that say "what about batteries" well:

Click here to read the Tesla Powerwall payback time

Can I trust Solar Cloud?

Solar Cloud offers a 12 month 100% money back guarantee!*

Who are we

Over the last 3 years we have pulled together a great team. 

John Kennedy

CEO & Inventor of SolarCloud

Serial entrepreneur and disruptive model specialist, John Kennedy has worked in the digital and online media industries for more than 20 years, both in Australia and Europe and has held directorships and senior management positions for more than 17 of those years. I am dyslexic and proud of it so if you get an email with bad spelling or even worse grammer if was probably from me...

Adrian Bunter

Director & Co-Founder

Previously, a Director with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Private Clients and Mergers & Acquisitions groups, with experience across a wide range of industries. Adrian is a Chartered Accountant, a Senior Associate of Finsia and has completed a Bachelor of Business (UTS) and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance. 

Rich Atkinson


Rich core skills are in running a specialist software development team that builds websites and web applications using highly productive and stable technologies.

Prior to this Rich founded Platform46 where he lead the development of two enterprise software products, microporter and messagely. Before Platform46, Rich worked for the Reserve Bank of Australia for a decade where he was a web development manager and technical lead on a number of significant projects.

Paul Beck

Board Advisor

He was recently responsible for leading another Australian renewable energy start up business which became the industry leader in Australia inside four years. He has been influential in the direction the industry has taken, having previously advised both Government and the Industry body, and has been a regular speaker at industry forums.

Jeff Cooper

Board Advisor

Jeff's been crowned one of Australia's top marketers and entrepreneurs in B&T and Anthill magazine's 30-under-30 Awards, pioneered world-first technologies, co-authored a six book series on strategy and guest lectured at Sydney's top universities. 

Dr Kerry Burke

Non Executive Director

Kerry is a wholesale electricity market analyst with Westpac. As a member of Sydney Angels, Kerry is particularly interested in cleantech and fintech startups. His PhD examined potential low cost materials for solar cells.

Nick Gonios

Board Advisor

Nick has spent over a decade successfully running growth marketing services firm to both early stage growth ventures and large corporates. Nick is currently Group CEO of 8common Limited. Earlier in his career, he held senior roles with large multinational software companies including Microsoft, OpenText and Fujistu. He is also a co-founder, investor, executive and Board member of various early stage technology companies over the last 15 years including Peakhour, 3eep, ecal, Kent & Lime, and mentor at startup accelerators muru-D, Pollenizer and AWI Ventures

Huntley Investment Management Limited

Craig James

Responsible Manager to the Responsible Entity (AFSL License Regulations)

CEO of BRI Ferrier's

Craig is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Secretary who joined BRI Ferrier in July 2013 as a specialist energy consultant. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2015.

Prior to joining BRI Craig was Executive General Manager, Finance and Corporate and Chief Financial Officer of Ausgrid (formerly Energy Australia). He has extensive experience in the international energy industry and in managing large and complex functions in Australian energy companies including Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy. More recently he has developed considerable knowledge of and experience in alternate energy resources, particularly solar energy in Australia and overseas. Craig holds a Bachelor of Financial Administration degree and a Diploma of Financial Services. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


World-first solar solution

Unlike old solar technology that never delivered the full savings it promised, SolarCloud is a world-first energy solution that is simple, hassle-free and carries zero risk.

100% hassle-free: no panels needed

Unlike old solar energy technology, SolarCloud doesn’t require you to install costly panels on your roof and maintain them. We host solar panels throughout the country so that all you have to do is buy solar  from us and receive your credits.

For houses and apartments, renters and owners

House roof not right? 5th floor unit? No problem! The savings you make with SolarCloud are transferred directly to your bill, regardless of where you live. With SolarCloud you continue saving even when you move whether it’s across town, interstate or overseas.

Easy, online account

SolarCloud is convenient and easy. You can buy as much or as little solar as you want, keep track of savings and manage your account online, whether from home or your smartphone. There is nothing for you to do while you make great savings.

Good for your wallet

With SolarCloud you can start small and save big. Simply buy solar from as little as AU $499  and buy more as and when you require.

Good for the planet

SolarCloud’s mission is to deliver solar as it was always meant to be: easy to use, green, cost-effective, and accessible to everyone, everywhere. It means that we can make a real difference by helping to significantly reduce future CO2 emissions.