Invest in solar power without touching your roof

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SolarCloud makes solar power available to anyone with internet access on a smart device, anywhere in the world. That’s right, anywhere in the world!

As the name implies, you are buying ‘solar’ in the ‘cloud’. This means you can access solar power from a cloud network. The main advantage of this model is that you don’t need a rooftop to install your panels on. It is suitable for everyone, including those who rent homes and apartments, live in share accommodation, or even stay overseas.

SolarCloud’s model is flexible. You don’t need to buy an entire solar system. Plus, you can move from home to home as many times, and the benefits simply move with you! You can start for as little as AU$494 and savings start immediately.


SolarCloud remotely locates your panels on commercial roofs across Australia and provides a financial return to each panel owner by crediting to their electricity, bank, or paypal account.

SolarCloud operates as an ASIC - Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ARSN: 612098110) registered scheme allowing you to invest in solar 9-12% per annum (IRR 7%) return. We are a member of the Australian Solar Council and all our installers are Clean Energy Council members.

We are changing the way people buy and access solar power, making it easy and affordable for everyone to choose a sustainable energy alternative and make significant savings on power bills.

SolarCloud offers all the benefits of solar power without the hassle. Get involved with solar today, the easy way.

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Savings over 25 years

Your quarterly electricity bill

Using SolarCloud you could save

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SolarCloud makes it easy to save even more money with our referral program.

Simply share the unique code you receive when registering for our newsletter and we will give you a $50 credit towards your SolarCloud solar panels for each person that registers using your unique code. Ten friends equals $500 SolarCloud credits = $1,000 off your energy bill.

People only need to register and not even buy for both of you to receive the $50 SolarCloud credit. That’s right, you receive $50 SolarCloud credit when they register and they receive $50 SolarCloud credit.

The more people who register using your unique code the more money you save. Look how the savings add up.

You register and receive your $50 off your SolarCloud panels = $100 off your electricity bill.

One referred registration gives you $50 off your SolarCloud panels = $100 off your electricity bill. Your $50 SolarCloud credit + one referral $50 SolarCloud credit = $200 off your energy bill.

Ten referred registration gives you a further $500 off your SolarCloud panels = $1,000 off your energy bill.

Why SolarCloud

Investing in residential solar power generally means installing a rooftop solar system that will take years to repay by selling energy back to the grid.

We have found this has excluded millions of people from investing in solar because:


With us you can build your solar system panel by panel and increase your savings accordingly


We install your panels at commercial sites so your own roof can remain attractive as ever


We host your panels at ideal sites where they can provide maximum efficiency and savings


Your panels stay with our commercial hosts but the savings follow you wherever you may go


People who rent, live in apartments or run businesses can now also invest in solar energy


We take care of installation, maintenance, insurance and monitoring meaning peace of mind

SolarCloud offers the savings of solar power with none of the usual conditions, meaning it's available to more people than ever before. Your panels are located at ideal commercial sites, using world-leading, patented technology that we are responsible for monitoring and maintaining.

If you move home, the savings follow you. Your panels are in the cloud.

This is what we call Unlimited Solar Power.

How SolarCloud Works

Your solar panels are installed on commercial buildings. They use the energy that is generated at peak prices. They pay you via solar cloud. Credits are sent directly to your account.

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What our supporters say

It will be really satisfying when you logon to the app and see how much you're saving, especially after a really sunny day in Australia and I am in the rain in England. Will, Oxford UK
Totally can't wait to see this launch. To be honest, I hate the look of Solar Panels on roofs and not being able to really know what exactly I am saving. I am really looking forward to having an App that will show me everything, plus no panels on my roof. Christine, Sydney Australia
Love the fact this is cloud based as I am in the forces and move house more than my wife would like. This way I still keep my solar if not my wife. Jason, Adelaide Australia

SolarCloud is an Australian CleanTech company that has reimagined the way in which solar power is marketed to people and businesses around the world. Solar is now available to everybody.

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